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This week on The Woof! Natalia Allende Studio's Holiday Gift Guide

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Gifting is fun and it should be a great moment to express love and appreciation for others, often gifting things that are unique, interesting or things our giftee wouldn't get for themselves. Below is our Natalia Allende Studio's Holiday Gift Guide for some fun style and easy shopping!

For the Ladies who Lunch: These are the ladies who know about the good things in life. They understand what constitutes a great meal, and they understand the importance of nurturing friendships and supporting the people around them, be it family, friends or colleagues. They also like a good look and a home to their taste. For these wonderful women....

For the Bros who Brunch: Yeah, I know, silly play on words, but did you know that nowadays, 40% more men meet for lunch on workdays than women? So there's that. These are the well-established men who work hard and play hard, but always have others in mind. They are the ones who will continue to open the door for their spouse and give at least 10 minutes of undivided attention to those who need them: their children, spouse, friends, and oftentimes, employees or colleagues. Here are our picks for these great men!

Gifts for the home for under $100: It's not necessary to overspend when it comes to the holidays, and there are gifts that can be shared and enjoyed by all who spend time celebrating the holidays together. Make memories and have fun, that is, the important things.

Holiday Home gifts under $100

Happy, happy holidays!!!

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