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Meet Natalia

Born in Chile, she has lived the majority of her life in the USA. Her travels to many parts of the world have influenced her eye for incorporating different cultural references into the spaces she designs. 

Natalia's focus is to design spaces that create realities. A space in the home can promote a way of interacting, a mood, peace, creativity or so many other manners of existing. In a style that is both elegant and relaxed, Natalia Allende Studio helps clients find joy in their homes. And for those who share Natalia's love for fine art, her specialization in this field has allowed her to offer this unique service to clients who want to start or grow their private art collection.

A serial entrepreneur, Natalia is a seasoned business owner who knows how to run a business and treats the design of your home as such: on time and on budget. Processes and operations are central to her work.

The Story

Before getting into the decoration business, Natalia studied aesthetics and literature, armed with this poetic approach to the world, she brings an artful and edgy approach to interiors, using a mix of high and low, old and new, while always following the dreams and life of those she works with. Natalia doesn't create a space for you, but with you, keeping her clients at the center of her designs. Natalia worked for many years in the non-profit sector, helping communities design the life they dream of. This design thinking process is also applied in her approach on designing homes her clients will love and enjoy for years. 

Natalia is not afraid to tackle interesting challenges for clients with unique interests and taste. 

In her past life, Natalia founded and spearheaded the Chile local chapter for Design for Change and was a founding member of the Design for Change Global Board. This past experience contributed to the fact that she understands in her core what it means to keep clients at the center of all her work from start to finish. Because that is exactly what design is about: a human-centered process that improves lives.



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