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Gaithersburg, MD

Washington, DC

"I absolutely love the place and enjoy what she helped me create: a space that my family and I truly enjoy spending time in with friends and family. My wife especially loves how modern Natalia’s designs are. She says they give the house an air of a life well-traveled and cultured. Natalia also has an incredible eye for fine art. She recommended pieces for our home that my wife and I enjoy every day. Some of these were commissioned through artists she has a good understanding of from around the world.

Finally I cannot stress enough how much we appreciated Natalia’s professionalism in her work, her responsiveness, and her overall incredibly personable, down-to-earth style. It was truly a pleasure to work with her."
--G. Allard

"She is so thoroughly prepared and quickly had so well nailed my design aesthetic (which I couldn’t even have described) that I had not doubt in hiring her. Since then she’s been not only my designer but my complete project manager. Natalia has recommended all of the vendors and has handled all of the coordination needed between them, herself and me and my family. Although I’ve certainly given my ideas on any number of items, because of all of Natalia’s work, all I would need to do is await her recommendations and then say yes or no. She communicates very well, is on time for all meetings, and is very easy to work with. I would love to work with her again and would enthusiastically recommend her to my friends and family."
--M. Conrad

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