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We help you create a home that reflects the reality you want for yourself and your loved ones.  The spaces we design are elegant and relaxed with a definite flavor of the world. We also don't take ourselves too seriously as we love to bring a sense of fun into the space. Whether you want to revive a single space in your home or do a complete make-over, including renovation work, taking the time to make the home the best possible version for you is what we do.

We offer full-service Residential Interior Design & Decorating for Clients in the greater Washington, DC area (DMV).  We handle design drawings and specifications, fixtures + finishes selection, bathroom & kitchen renos, furniture and decor selection, and design management of the project from concept to completion.  With a focus on functional space planning, considered finishes, custom furnishings, and bespoke millwork & storage solutions, we help clients create beautifully curated personalized spaces - liveable luxury for real life.​

Our Full Service Design includes

  • Design concept 

  • Space planning 

  • Design drawings 

  • Selection of materials, finishes, and lighting and plumbing fixtures

  • Selection of all furniture, wall coverings, rugs, and decor

  • Custom furniture and window treatments

  • Custom millwork and storage solution design

  • Custom kitchen and bathroom design

  • Project management including coordination with builders/architects/trades, budgeting, procurement, construction site visits to oversee design adherence, delivery and Installation of furnishing and decor


Our Design Consultation is a great way to sort through some of the big questions you have regarding how to tackle your residential project, as well as dabble your toes in the experience of working with and interior designer. This session, which lasts up to two hours will be used to help you untangle all the issues that are going through your mind regarding how to deal with your home design. You get to freely pick my brain for two hours!

How it works:

Once you book your session, we will schedule a discovery call with you and send you a questionnaire, which will submitted back to us at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled visit. These two instances prior to the visit allows us to make the most of every minute we have with you, sharing our thoughts, ideas and recommendations specific to your space. 

What it isn't: 

The design consultation does not include moving furniture or hanging art, unless there is an installer on site during the visit. Given the tighter time frame, we cannot offer a meticulous full design of the space, though it is not out of the question to sit down and identify some interesting retail pieces that could be used. And while we can definitely make furniture and decor arrangement recommendations, we do not include detailed floor plans. 


Cost for 2 hour in-home consultation: $675


With a degree in Aesthetics (history and philosophy of art), Natalia has experience advising on art in art galleries and creating and developing art and cultural events as head of the Cultural Department at the Embassy of Chile in Washington, DC.

In addition to designing spaces and their furnishings, Natalia also serves many clients on building, or even starting, their personal fine art collections. We work with artists from the United States and all around the world.

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